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Cancellation Policy

Parodistic Party Transportation Service is operated by License drivers. Transportaion is available for Birthday Parties, Wedding, Open house, Bachelorette, Spa Day, Casino and Bingo and holds up to 14 guests. All bookings are required 30 days prior to event with minimum NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT of $200.00 due once all forms are agreed upon. Cancellation is required 14 days prior to event. 


Travel The Safe Way

At Parodistic Party & Event Transportation we do our best to make sure all your needs are taken care of. The driver inspects the vehicle before and after each rental. In the event of damage, the customer shall be responsible for any repairs. The following will result in immediate termination of party • Disrespect to the driver, Fights during or between stops. The following rules on the bus and if broken it could result in a loss of deposit. • No illegal drugs • No underage drinking • No standing or dancing on seats • In order to prevent excessively large spills, kegs and barrels of beer, or water coolers filled with liquids are prohibited • Guests are welcome to bring their own alcohol beverages and enjoy them while riding the bus. • If you do spill, please clean it up right away. • No guns and or knives unless authorized to carry• Cracked or Broken Windows • Smoking Burns • Damage to Seats • Damage to Lights, TV, or Stereo Equipment • Excessively Spilled Fluids • Any Bio-hazardous Fluid Left Behind. While the bus is in motion, passengers must sit or stand behind the driver's privacy curtain • If you wish to bring food you may. No glitter and confetti • Please use the party pole in a safe manner by keeping feet on the floor • Standing while bus is in motion could result in passenger injury. Parodistic Party & Event Transportation is not responsible for any injuries due to a passenger who stands while the bus is in motion.

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By signing this agreement, I accept responsibility for all actions of the people on the bus and understand that Parodistic Party & Event Transportation shall not be held responsible for any actions by passengers leading to personal injury.

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